While factories the world over have recently been forced to shut down due to the economic crisis, puppy factories continue to boom. Mass-producing puppies for profit, their operators are simply business people with little or no concern for the animals they force to breed in appalling facilities. It's not uncommon for female dogs as young as six months old to churn out litters constantly for their entire lives. When they're no longer able to breed, they're euthanised. But perhaps the most shocking truth about puppy factories is that they're operating right here, in towns all across Australia.




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On 14 April 2015 RSPCA Victoria Inspectorate and legal team attended the Swan Hill Magistrates’ Court for a contest mention in the RSPCA’s prosecution matters brought against Dean Peace, John Peace, Phyllis Peace, and the company J.B. & P.W. PEACE PTY. LTD.

More than 200 charges were laid by the RSPCA against each of the accused in relation to an investigation at an alleged breeding facility in mid-2013 located in regional Victoria.

The types of charges include: insufficient food, inappropriate confinement, overcrowding, insufficient grooming, lack of veterinary care, aggravated cruelty to specific dogs, and breaches of Notices to Comply (individuals only).

The following is a summary of yesterday’s outcomes, including a resolution of charges, which was agreed upon and heard in in open court:

- The original charges are to be consolidated into approximately 80 charges for Dean Peace, 43 charges each for John and Phyllis, and 77 charges for the company.

- RSPCA Counsel indicated that a 10-year disqualification order will be sought. Counsel for the accused indicated they would consent to that order.

- The plea hearing and sentencing was adjourned to be heard in late May.

We will keep you posted as the case progresses.

We continue to gather intelligence and information about breeders across the state and will take strong and decisive action against any person suspected of cruelty.


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